The specific definition of goal with-respect-to this post is:

A goal is a desired outcome toward which effort is expended to achieve.

An objective is a goal that defines an increment of progress toward a main/greater goal.

The following provides ideas to consider in formulating goals.


SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based.  A SMART goal is really a high-level plan for achieving a main goal and its elements are objectives to be met to accomplish it.  The following is an example.

Main Goal: Write a novel.

The SMART goal objectives might be:

  • Specific: Use social media to write a minimum of 150 pages.
  • Measurable: Write one chapter a month, or 3-5 pages per week.
  • Attainable: Create a story design and use it to write the story which will be self-published.
  • Relevant: Using social media will help establish a readership.
  • Time-Based: Complete the manuscript and have it ready to publish in one year.

The SMART goal following from these objectives can be written as:

To establish a readership, write a 150-page novel on social media by writing one chapter per month (3-5 pages per week).  The book will be completed in one year and will be self-published.

Type of Goals

Examples of goal types are:

  • The need to win a competition, the love of another, etc.
  • The need to stop someone, something bad from happening, etc.
  • The need to escape
  • The need to deliver a message, one’s self, an item, get to a destination, etc.
  • The need to retrieve a magic ring, a hidden or lost treasure, a lost love, etc.

Categories of Goals

Examples of goal categories from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are:

  • Physiological: Air, Water, Food, Clothing, Shelter
  • Safety and Security
    • Protection against assault or injury
    • Adequate money
    • Steady emplorment
    • Good health
    • Protection of private property
  • Love and Belonging: Friendship, Romance, Intimacy, Family
  • Esteem and Recognition: Independence, Compensation, Respect, Promotion, Credit, Gratitude, Appreciation
  • Self-Actualization
    • Higher education
    • Spiritual enlightenment
    • Artistic pursuits
    • Travel and experience
    • Altruistic and charitable contributions to others

Online References

The following references provide information about specific goals:

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