This post provides thoughts about whether it makes sense to embrace/support the Trinity Doctrine (Wikipedia).

It Is Clearly a Doctrine of Men

The Bible does not mention anything specifically about this doctrine.  In particular, nowhere is the term “Trinity” to be found.  This is a word made up by men.  This doctrine was voted into existence at the Council of Nicea.

However, there are groups which defend the Trinity Doctrine such as the Christian Apologetics Alliance.  Also, see the The Gospel Coalition (TGC) webpage titled, “The Doctrine of the Trinity: No Christianity without It”.

Men Do Not Agree on this Doctrine

Consider the following artifacts, which are anti-Trinity doctrine:

You can find a lot of information saying the Trinity is a false doctrine by using Google with “trinity false doctrine” as a search term.  The point here is just that this doctrine is not a well agreed upon statement of belief.  Men do not agree on whether the doctrine is true or not.  Here is a link to a webpage that has both anti and pro Trinitarian articles.

No One Knows What the Doctrine Means

In descriptions of what this doctrine means one finds statements like, “How can [God] be one yet be three persons? This is the unexplainable mystery.”  You can find many references to this sort of thing by using Google with the search term, “what does the trinity doctrine mean”.  The point is that even those who support the doctrine don’t have any idea what it could possibly mean.

Why is there Support for the Trinity Doctrine at All?

It is difficult to understand why the Trinity Doctrine receives support at all, since it is clear that men created it, do not agree on it, and do not understand what it means.  There seems no reason to embrace or support this doctrine.

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